Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Special

This is another super deep one, you guys, so get ready.  I've been putting skeletons on bikes for a little while now.  I don't know what folks really think of it, to be honest.  I just do it for my own reasons each time, and the different symbols take on new meanings to me as time goes on.  

This piece is a recent manifestation of that kind of pictorial evolution.  I'll got out on a limb and try to explain it a little bit:
"Caro recedit, animi ... in rotis manemus" is Latin (according to Google) for--
"The Flesh falls away, the soul remains... In the wheels we abide."

The bicycle is symbol for balance.  It's very difficult to operate, though, if you're not moving forward.  I think we get caught up with stuff in life and end up trapped in the idea that we need to "stop" doing stuff-- stop eating so much, stop smoking, stop drinking, stop sitting on our asses all day, stop thinking about stuff we don't want to think about.  Inevitably we can't fill our lives with prohibition.  We can't fill our thoughts with prohibition, either.  In and of itself, it really doesn't exist-- only the thing we are trying to avoid actually does, so the more we think about it, the more likely we are to continue doing what we are trying so hard to prohibit ourselves from doing.

So instead we move forward steadily or wildly, but still moving.  Loving, laughing, living, resting and just being.  Every undertaking being a piece applied to an end that we are actually wanting in life instead of just being focused on mere avoidance.  

Why?  Because Life is effing short, even trees die at some point.

That's what this sort of means today.  There's actually more to it that I could tell you about, but this little article is long enough already.

And do I actually practice this in real life on a consistent basis?  

Nope.  I wish I did.

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