Sunday, September 23, 2012

Cycling and the soul of man

I don't know what it is about Latin.  Nobody speaks it.  About the only folks who know what it means without looking it up are Catholics and scientists.  It's probably the mystery aspect of it.  You have to kind of dig a little bit to figure it out.  I like making art like that, and as a result, that preference has likely relegated me to the back of the line in many instances.  People don't usually like to be challenged, and after 35 years, I don't blame them for being that way.  Life is dang hard, guys.

Especially when you take it seriously.  

So don't.  

When I dig down past the soul and into the Spirit, there's a smile and a laugh.  When I feel like I have to much to deal with, when I'm overwhelmed, I more often than not hear from those deepest parts, "It's just a ride.  Relax, smile, enjoy yourself."

So this is my reminder.  Sit Spiritus agit anima.  Let the Spirit drive the soul.
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