Friday, September 21, 2012


My bros over at Crazy Eye Brewing here in Hiawatha have undertaken the rather arduous task of building a distribution brewery from scratch and brought me along for the ride (woo-boo!!! Beer!!!).  I get to do the best part-- create beer labels.  I think I could do this forever and not really get tired of it.  They have, of course, given me pretty free reign with the design, and as long as I come up with something awesome, it's ok.  After a few hurried attempts, I've arrived at a style that I think will adequately capture the attention of even the most libationally impaired drinker.
I've got a couple more tweaks to tweak on this sucker, but it's pretty much figured out.


Charles Eubanks said...

Looks fantastic! I love the terrified little grains falling into the fire.

How might a California-situated person get his grubby little hands on some of this fine product?

stephen said...

Thanks, Charles. Man, it might be a little while. I think that distribution increases in a sort of radial fashion and we're in Kansas. I'll see what I can do to move California up the list.