Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Well, we're gradually getting a grip on things here at the Squid. We're getting some new designs printed up (designs submitted on some level or other by local geniuses). I always get excited with new prints. No matter how many times I do it. These next ones are especially good for getting comments from your mom after she catches you with one on at the next family gathering. I had to duck out a little bit early today, otherwise I would have them posted already on the online store .

Also, Cindy Bicker's middle school printmaking and design class came through the shop last week and were educated in the science of illustration and the art of the screen print. It's always interesting entertaining a rather large group of adolescent humans in a relatively small space for a length of time that easily crowded the boundaries of their attention spans. They rose to the occasion, however, and overcame any handicaps they might have had and behaved in a manner I can only describe as exemplary.

They also got free shirts. One might believe this to be an act of kindness on our parts here at Billy the Squid, but the truth is that they were garments from a cursed batch. The wearers of those particular shirts will suffer from a strong aversion to chunky peanut butter. We couldn't in good conscience sell something like that to our customers, but since they were free and given to teenagers, we thought it would be better than just having them sit collecting dust.

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