Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pencil Miles #1: Lines


Charles Eubanks said...

Great video! You said you don't usually start with the head -- I'm curious, what do you normally start with?

Amalou said...

My 3 kids were in the middle of playing superhero squad (whatever that is?) when they saw me watching your 'Lines' movie. They dropped their superhero action figures right on my feet and now they have pencils and paper and are practicing drawing lines. So, thanks for that, now they're quiet.

Oh and I really love your characters - your talent is awesome. I only discovered your website just now, and I've placed you at the very top of my fave illustrators list. And I'm totally not being biased or anything, you know, since you have entertained my kids successfully for the last two and half minutes ;)


Just found one of your PB, Pirates, Ho! at the library and loved it. You are one talented guy. Thanks for this blog post-- from an aspiring illustrator.