Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I love logos

I don't get asked to do logos too often, and I really enjoy doing them when I get the chance. Here's a recent one that I got to do-- featuring an illustration modeled after a 1977 Ford pickup.

-posted on the fly.


DavidM said...

Great logo! Do you know if that is printed on a t-shirt?

I've been following your blog and love your work. Keep it up!

stephen said...

Hey thanks, man! Yeah, this one is destined for t-shirts. I'm pretty psyched about them.

Charles Eubanks said...

Hey, I have a question... What do you do regarding copyright when it comes to designing company logos? Does the client generally own the copyright, or do you retain some ownership? I've been asked to create a logo too, and I'm not sure how to word the contract. Thanks in advance!

stephen said...

hey Charles! Often times the client will purchase all rights to the logo-- since they'll be using it all the time. That's my two cents.