Tuesday, August 10, 2010

John Brown

I was doing some thinking last week, and it struck me, "I need to do a John Brown t-shirt! Che Guevara style!" The dude attacked a federal armory to start a slave uprising. So I'm doin' 'em. John Brown shirts.


CitizenBen said...

I must have one.

stephen said...

Send me the size you want it printed on, and I'll get 'er done for you.

jssummers said...

This makes me realize that, if John Brown had had a beret, he would have succeeded.

kansaslane said...

Thank you SO much for mine, I love it. Free State, that's so funny. There's a Kansas brewery called Free State too. Haha. My mom actually had to make me stop wearing mine and wash it. : P

Bibi La Purée said...

Hi I am in France, Its possible to buy a t-shirt like that ?

REGARDS olivier


stephen said...

Yes it is indeed. I'm currently printing a revised design in a bigger format on yellow shirts.

Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you, I've been out of town.