Thursday, August 7, 2008

Demolition Derby, Falls City, NE

Okay, last Saturday I went to my first demolition derby.  It was AWESOME!  It was hot, noisy, kind of smelly.  I love the philosophy behind it:  take a car that's good for nothing else, paint it up, give it a silly name and let it have one more shot at glory before it's drive shaft falls off.  I wish I could do that with my body after I die.

This is a shot of the beginning of the final round.  There were several rounds, though-- one for cars from the sixties and seventies, one for eighties and newer, and one for compacts before the final round.  They really thought it through.

This car actually caught fire.  It was pretty contained by the time we got the camera out to take a picture.

This one was my favorite.  He got 3rd place overall.  The $25 car.

This was how it all ended up.  That's the $25 car in the front, hanging tough.  

You also get to see all kinds of crazy people at these things.  There was this fat dude in a plastic Viking helmet who was being escorted out by a police officer for fighting.  Another guy had a shirt that said, "Do something with your life, get me a beer".  Scary looking kids with mohawks. Great folks, but I wouldn't feel comfortable leaving my kids with any of them.  There was all kinds of other stuff too including good hot dogs.  You guys just have to go to one sometime.  I highly recommend it.  I think we're going to another one at the end of the month -- they'll have a bunch of minivans crashing it up at that one.

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